Kuukausiarkisto toukokuu, 2018

* teengoths of countryside

Kirjoitettu 28.05.2018 - dosto63. Kategoriassa extraordinary events, friends, hell, recollection.


have you already noticed the strips made in 2017 are a bit uglier than other ones?


* esoteric catan club

Kirjoitettu 23.05.2018 - dosto63. Kategoriassa friends, ordinary.


and we haven’t.

…actually we haven’t even played catan since then.

(good gods if somebody just played catan with me please i’m having withdrawals the pain it’s-)


* summer fun!

Kirjoitettu 22.05.2018 - dosto63. Kategoriassa ordinary.


not sleeping is my favourite target of romanticizing.


* introducing markus

Kirjoitettu 20.05.2018 - dosto63. Kategoriassa friends.


don’t forget the turbojet volume


* territory

Kirjoitettu 19.05.2018 - dosto63. Kategoriassa friends, partytime!.


parties, yay!


* pizza

Kirjoitettu 18.05.2018 - dosto63. Kategoriassa extraordinary events, friends, recollection.


it’s donna’s birthday today so publishing this comic about her creative fighting skills is my birthday present for her <3


* sharing economy

Kirjoitettu 17.05.2018 - dosto63. Kategoriassa friends, hell.


fyi: i didn’t steal the clock, it is on the neighbour’s wall.